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MindSpout IT Services can manage your organizations email needs through the deployment of any number of enterprise grade email solutions.

Why worry about whether or not you created an email account for the new hire or removed access to that employee that left or was fired? Whether your organization uses Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Exchange/Active Directory, GSuite, or some other email solution, MindSpout has you covered. MindSpout has partnered with service providers to offer your organization a 24/7, managed enterprise-grade email solution. Read More.


Enterprise-grade email allows you to not only organize email for all of your employees from one central console but also gives you access to other services such as secure team video conferencing, increased cloud storage capacities, enhanced security controls, and much more. You will no longer have to worry about whether or not you created that new account for an employee that you just hired or removed access to email for an employee that is leaving your company. We have partnered with popular services such as Microsoft Office 365 and Google’s GSuite to be able to offer your company a tailored suite of services at an affordable price.


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Phishing emails still remain one of the top ways that cyberattackers breach an organization’s outer defense. Experts agree that they do not see this trend changing anytime soon, which is why it is advantageous to pair enterprise-grade email with antivirus, backup, and security services from MindSpout. MindSpout works with you to deploy spam filters, email retention policies, and run system-wide scans on your devices all designed to better protect you, your employees, and your organization from the potentially devastating impact of a phishing email. MindSpout will also lead employee awareness training to help train your staff on the markers to look for in a phishing email. The weakest link in any organization and their security posture is the human element. Knowing this and then educating employees is one of the most effective ways to prevent phishing emails and data breaches from occurring.


We use industry-leading tools to create spam filters for all inbound and outbound email and then work with you to fine-tune those filters, ensuring that the right emails get in and go out. We understand that nothing is 100% foolproof, which is why we work with you to deploy enterprise-level antivirus and backup services to give you peace of mind. Let MindSpout show you how we can partner with you to mitigate the potential for an email-based attack by pairing our email services with our antivirus, backup, and security services.


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