Another Great Use for Aluminum Foil

Another Great Use for Aluminum Foil

Does anyone remember hearing how wrapping your head with aluminum foil would stop the aliens from reading your thoughts? Sci-fi at its best. However, in todays digital age, aluminum foil does have a very viable and scientific use for your protection.


The vast majority of automobiles sold on the market today come standard with key fob’s that allow the owner to open, shut, and sound a panic alarm at the push of a button. This is a convenience that we love having. Not to mention, a lot of these key fobs also have remote start/shutoff and may have proximity open/close features. Unfortunately, as with most things technological, there are vulnerabilities. Autos are always “listening” for the key fob signal and the key fobs are always emitting a signal. Cyberthieves simply need to copy the access code to your vehicle and voila, the doors are open and the vehicle is stolen. Copying the code is easy to do and the auto industry as well as the insurance industry are monitoring this closely.


Moshe Shlisel, CEO of GuardKnox Cyber Technologies, recommends a very simple, inexpensive solution to this problem. Take a tin can, wrap it in aluminum foil, and place your keys in it when you arrive at home, work, etc. Moshe should know, he has videos of his engineers taking control of semi-trucks using only a cellphone. Moshe himself uses the tin can/aluminum foil hi-tech solution for the fob to his 2017 Ford F-150. This does beg one question though.


Am I paranoid? Absolutely not! Well, maybe if you are still using aluminum foil to prevent aliens from reading your mind but, that’s an article for another day. Cybersecurity experts agree that anyone who knows anything about the ease by which auto and personal data can be hacked will also be practicing safe key fob storage. Clifford Neumann of the USC Center for Computer Systems Security drew an analogy of safe key fob storage to the millions of consumers who place their credit cards in RFID blocking wallets or pockets. Are those millions also paranoid for protecting against a know threat for Identity theft?


If a tin can wrapped with aluminum foil is not your cup of tea then go to Amazon and look for Faraday key holders or Faraday bags and select one that works for you. The best thing to do once you receive the item is to test the buttons on your key fob from about 10 feet away from your car after placing it in the key holder.


This is the present day reality of living in a wireless, connected world where we have the luxury of opening and closing automobile doors with a simple click of a button followed by a horn honk or chirp to validate the action. Maybe you will never be the victim of auto theft via this method but are you willing to risk your car instead of using something that most Americans have sitting in a drawer (Aluminum foil) right now?

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